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–       All Games Livestreamed, All Divisions, All Ages
–       1 year access to all archived live streamed games played at Run 4 Roses
–       Access to every Player Profile and Team rosters
–       Follow team or player game schedule
–       Individual Coaches login       D3,NAIA, & JUCO: 3 Log Ins
–       Share recruits and notes with staff via app
–       Receive notifications and updates about team(s)/player(s) you follow
–       Real- time updates with games and scores
–       Live streaming is being utilized with 1080p Full HD, motion tracking
–       Ability to directly search a player or team name
–       Follow a recruits schedule by day to day games
–       One price per school/staff
–       Ability to navigate as if you were with your whole staff
         stay connected during recruiting
Pricing Per Program
D1 (Power 5 Conference Schools:  Big Ten, PAC 12, Big Twelve, ACC, SEC):
$250.00       4 Coaches Unique Logins
D1 Non Power 5:
$250.00       4 Coaches Unique Logins
$175.00       3 Coaches Unique Logins and/or Onsite Packet/Admission
Please email us if you are at a school with a frozen budget and require pay later terms.