NCAA Certified for 2015  

2015 Schedules


U14 Showtime
U14 Showcase
U15 Primetime
U15 Showtime
U16/17 Primetime
U16/17 Showtime
U16/17 Showcase

“The Run4Roses Classic draws great talent which makes for good competitive basketball. It’s well organized and always a pleasure to attend.”
–Lindsay Richards, Assistant Coach ACC
“The Run4Roses Classic should be recognized as one of the best summer events to attend. The major playing venues are easily accessible and site friendly. This event displays some of the best talent and best competition early in the summer evaluation period”
– Carey Green, Head Coach Big South Conference


Requirements for Event Certification

In 2009 the NCAA made it mandatory that all individuals that engage in coaching activities at an NCAA certified event must be approved PRIOR to participation through the NCAA Coaches Approval Program. To fill out the NCAA online application, you will need the following: access to the internet, current knowledge regarding the NCAA basketball certification rules, a valid credit card that can be used to pay for the application process, and a current email address. The approval process for coaches takes more than 2 weeks to process and the NCAA charges $40 for each member on your staff that you wish to be seated in the bench area during competition. Once you are approved you are cleared to be on the sidelines for one full year.

All coaches must also register their teams with the NCAA, which includes coaches' information roster and all events that your team will be attending. This information must be checked off (opt in) in order for you to participate in any open viewing evaluation event.

To register with the NCAA see the links below:

Team/Event Registration link:

Coaches Registration (ie, Background Check/Link to NFHS Certification Video):



Event Highlights in 2015

-Over 350 teams
-Over 600 colleges in attendance
- Top Scouting Services in attendance.




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